Monday, February 20, 2012

Will California’s food trucks soon be illegal?

Will California’s food trucks soon be illegal?

Your help is urgently needed to make sure that food trucks are not outlawed in California.

On Tuesday Feb 14, State Assemblyman Bill Monning introduced AB 1678, which would require that all mobile food vendors park at least 1,500 feet away from a public school. That sounds reasonable, until we look at a map – for example, of Sacramento:
Everyone cares about the food and nutrition opportunities for young people. Assemblyman Monning, unfortunately, doesn't seem to realize that many schools are already serving food less healthy than many of the items sold by trucks (especially since the bill does nothing to keep unhealthy food from being sold at brick & mortar restaurants that are within that 1,500 foot limit). His legislative energy could be much better served by bringing healthier food closer to the campus, rather than driving these mobile kitchens out of business.

If you want to keep mobile vendors from being effectively outlawed in California, you need to write Assemblyman Monning today, and you need to make sure everyone you know who operates a truck or appreciates these small businesses - or who cares about fairness and competition - does as well.

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