Sunday, June 12, 2011

Police Crackdown on Gourmet Food Trucks - NYC


"I was over checking out the scene around Rock Center, where there has been a significant police crackdown on food trucks on 51st & 52nd St.  Well, it looks like the crackdown has moved down to 50th St between 6th & 7th Ave.

Around 1:15, Big D’s Grub Truck had a line of about 15 people, with another half dozen waiting for their orders.  Three (!) plainclothes policemen wrote Big D a ticket for “vending from a metered spot”, a law that was recently upheld by a judge in the Paty’s Taco Truck case.  They also forced Big D to close down for the day.

I spoke to one of the cops, and he explained that food trucks are not allowed to vend from metered spots.  Metered spots are to give cars and trucks places to park.  Nobody is supposed to park at a meter and feed it (excuse the pun) all day.  He was nice about it, and understood that people love the food trucks, but this will have to be solved through changing the law, not by trying to keep one step ahead of it.

I also spoke with Grant from Sweetery NYC today about the same type of crackdown on Hudson St.  Things are still hot there, but have cooled down a bit because the trucks have spread out."

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