Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Long Beach Joins Gourmet Food Truck Bandwagon

"Steering food your way

By Karen Robes Meeks Staff Writer"

"Wherever the Nom Nom Truck goes, Stephanie Rodriguez follows. The 25-year-old Long Beach resident, who doesn't drive, has coaxed friends into chasing Nom Nom to Santa Anita Park or a Torrance shopping center so she can wait in line - often for hours - for the food truck's signature Vietnamese sandwiches.

"I love their sandwiches. They're so good, especially the lemongrass banh mi," said Rodriguez, who waited almost two hours in a Signal Hill Best Buy parking lot Wednesday night to be Nom Nom's first customer. "I've had different sandwiches, especially Vietnamese sandwiches, but these ones are really, really tasty," said Rodriguez, who planned to buy about a half-dozen sandwiches and tacos for herself and friends.

The food truck fervor that has spread nationally and throughout Southern California has made its way to Greater Long Beach, landing en masse in parking lots and along storefronts in Signal Hill, Long Beach and Los Alamitos.

Each Wednesday for the past month, a section of the Best Buy parking lot in Signal Hill becomes the "Sig Alert," a makeshift food court of 10 trucks. In Long Beach, about five gourmet trucks set up shop for lunch weekly in the Zaferia- South Design District as part of the area's Lunch Truck It event. One of the trucks there, Vizzi Truck, offered foie gras `PB&J,' a sandwich built with brioche toast, almond butter and truffled fig jelly for $21.

In Signal Hill, more than 300 people flooded the lot Wednesday for various eats ranging from Guinness chip ice cream sandwiches at Coolhaus to cheese and potato filled bacon shells - dubbed "the baco" - at Lardon."

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