Wednesday, May 25, 2011

City of Industry "Clueless"

It seems clear to me that the City of Industry is "Clueless", to what the residents really want. Like to be part of the Gourmet Food Truck Revolution. As other cities like, Nashville work with city leaders to actually change outdated city statutes to attract Gourmet Food Trucks. The city of Industry works overtime to drive business from its boundaries. Thats OK City of Industry leaders (and use that term loosely) your citizens are just going to Orange County, Santa Anita and Los Angeles to spend money not only on Gourmet Food Trucks but while they are there cars, furniture, electronics etc. Oh well, we all are happy to take your citizens money and keep their sales take to help our cities.

Tell Mayor David Perez how you feel.

Thats what I mean by CLUELESS:
Dan Iehl Gourmet Food Trucks LLC

"Best Buy food truck festival shut down in Industry

By James Figueroa, Staff Writer

INDUSTRY - Gourmet food truck fans won't be able to find the latest culinary treats at the local Best Buy anymore. 
Truck Squad announced via Twitter last week that Industry gave their events a "red light." The Orange County-based company had partnered with Best Buy to organize mini festivals, featuring six food trucks, in the electronics store's parking lot. "We had a bit of a beef with the city about that," said Jordan Varon, manager at the Best Buy store in Industry. "It's a sad thing because the customers loved it."

Industry limits businesses to two special event permits per year, according to Associate City Planner Troy Helling. Best Buy used up its permits when the retailer started the events in January and February. Industry code enforcement officers paid a visit when Truck Squad tried to start the events again in May.
In the warehouse-oriented city, traditional food trucks have long served workers during their lunch hours. But, while they only stop for a few minutes to serve a business' workers, the new craze actually has food trucks parking for a while.

The legal distinction is between parking and stopping. "The city doesn't allow food trucks to operate, park and serve the public," Helling said.

But another Industry business, SpeedZone, has hosted the monthly San Gabriel Valley Food Truck Festival since December, featuring about 20 trucks and a cover charge. That event has proven popular, and organizers said they haven't been notified of any violations. SpeedZone rents out its racetrack space for the festival, much like it does for corporate events and groups, according to general manager Melissa Luna."

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