Thursday, February 10, 2011

SUPPORT Candidates That Support Our Way of Life

Everyday when I'm talking to Gourmet Food Truck Owner/Operators and their customers, someone usually asks "What can I do to help?" The answer has been to make your voice heard with city officials, by sending emails, making phone calls, generally just speaking up.
Well now is our chance to really do something. We can show "City Hall" that we do have a voice and we know how to use it. We can SUPPORT Candidates that support our way of life.

"LA City Council Candidate Supports FOOD TRUCKS – Support Stephen Box Candidate for L.A. City Council

by Stephen Box for formally announces it’s endorsement of L.A. City Council candidate Mr. Stephen Box!

LA County has more than 4000 Food Trucks on the streets but it is the 400 specialty trucks that trigger the latest version of the traditional LA celebrity sighting. Foodies regularly Tweet the locations of their favorites and follow the rock star Trucks such as Don Chow, India Jones, Coolhaus, Dosa, Nom Nom, Buttermilk and the wildly popular Grilled Cheesed Truck".

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To contribute to Stephen Box and Keep Food Trucks Legal in Los Angeles:

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