Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gourmet Food Trucks and Charity Do Mix

If anyone has spend 5 minutes with me you have heard that Gourmet Food Trucks do many great things everyday. They do this because they care. They care for their industry, their employees, the community, the community they are helping to build and for many worthy charities.

Today I intend to highlight one Truck/Person in particular. The reason I picked this example is because they are worthy of being spotlighted and because with your help they can win $10,000 for their charity.

At the Long Beach Street Food Fest a number of Truck Owners told me that Molly Taylor the owner of the The Sweets Truck does as much or more for charity than anyone they know. People were telling me this because I was maning the Save the Food Trucks booth and they know I prefer to highlight the positive.

Molly is a finalist in 2nd Annual Classy Awards in the Philanthropic Small Business category. (near the bottom of the voting page)

Lets show the world that Gourmet Food Trucks are an AWESOME community that cares about the world we live in. Click here to ---> VOTE

Molly and The Sweets Truck also support many local charities head over to their web page for more details.
- Childhelp USA
- Kids in Sports
- LA Animal Services
- Doctors Without Boarders
- Midnight Mission Downtown Los Angeles

She also donates their daily extras and collects extras from others to donate to the Midnight Mission Downtown LA and the Salvation Army Zahn Memorial Center

Dan Iehl

LBJCC - Long Beach Street Food Fest

THANK YOU LBJCC for a wonderful day at the Long Beach Street Food Fest! Special thanks to AJ, Jean and all the wonderful volunteers. Take a bow you deserver it.


I was fortunate enough to spent all day Saturday at the Long Beach Street Food Fest doing 3 of my favorite things in the world. Talking with Truck Owner/Operators, Foodie Bloggers, Food Truck Foodies, spreading the word about all the great things food trucks do as part of their daily lives, how the build a better community and some of their chalenges. The Long Beach Junior Chamber of Commerce Charitable Foundation was putting on the Long Beach Street Food Fest with all the proceeds going to the Adopt-A-teach Program and Student Scholarships.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

UPDATED PRESS RELEASE - Save The Food Trucks & Food Truck Tweet-up Join Forces at Long Beach Street Food Fest Oct. 9, 2010

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                          UPDATED

Contact: Dan Iehl
Phone: 714-625-0199
Twitter: @SaveFoodTrucks

October 4, 2010

OCTOBER 9, 2010

Long Beach, Calif., October 4, 2010 – Save the Food Trucks is joining forces with Food Truck Tweet-up on October 9, 2010 at the Long Beach Street Food Festival. They will have a table setup for anyone that is interested in more information on the challenges and successes of the Gourmet Food Truck phenomenon. The meeting place will also be a great place for @twitter and Facebook fans to meet their friends face to face. People interact all day via social media and this will give people a chance to put a face with the tweet.

During the event there will be guest Gourmet Food Truck owner/operators on hand to answer questions, take pictures and meet their customers. Here is partial list of the Gourmet Food Truck owner/operators that will be stoping by the table.

- The Grilled Cheese Truck              - Knock Out Taco Truck
- The Greasy Wiener                       - Crepes Bonaparte
- Tropical Shave Ice                        - Great Balls on Tires
- Fresh Fries LA                              - Slice Truck
- Komodo                                       - Nana Queens
- Manila Machine                           - Don Chow Tacos

We have also added some of the top Foodie Bloggers in Souther California to the list of people stoping by and we will be adding more.

Saturday Night Foodies - The Food Trucker
Marian The Foodie

Special Guest Matt Geller from the SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Association will be stopping by between 11:00 & 1:00. To discuss all the great things Gourmet Food Trucks are doing and what the association does to help the community and the Gourmet Food Trucks.

For more information on the Long Beach Street Food Festival, please visit and

Save The Food Trucks was launched to publicize the great things Gourmet Food Trucks do for the community, charities and redevelopment of downtown locations in cities across the country. Its also a place to call out the challenges that face food trucks from politicians, developers and private land owners. provides a place for people to go to voice their opinion and get more information on this great industry.
Founding Members: Dan & Jane Iehl and Adam Dragotta
Twitter: @SaveFoodTrucks

Food Truck Tweet-up is simply a way for people with a love of Gourmet Food Trucks to get together and put a face to a tweet. The overall purpose it to help build a solid family oriented community of like minded Gourmet Food Trucks lovers.
Founding Members: Dan & Jane Iehl, Jason Iehl and Kim Nelson
Twitter: @FoodTrkTweetup

Dan Iehl
Mobile: 714-625-0199

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