Monday, September 6, 2010

Santa Monica Museums - Food Trucks Controversy

A Santa Monica museum’s invitation to food trucks has some local eateries circling their wagons.

The Los Angeles Business Journal published an article August 30, 2010 that covers the controversy between Gourmet Food Trucks (GFT), local restaurants and the California Heritage Museum.

The California Heritage museum, in and effort to raise donations has offered-up their parking lot to host a once a week GFT court.  September 14th will be the first night.  Naturally, they are getting some push back from local restaurants. 

Let's all show support for the museum, and the Food Trucks.  We might just discover some great new places, and  come back to Santa Monica regularly to shop, dine, and have a good time.

Read the article, and judge for yourself. Provide your opinion in the comment section below.

"Click" to Read the LA Business Journal Article

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