Saturday, September 4, 2010

One Persons Point of View - Whats Yours?

I sent out some tweets looking for feedback from the public. This email is a very good representation of the overall public opinion (so far). We will publish all sides in this blog.
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Dear "Save The Food Trucks",
I truly do not understand why the politicians need to get involved in banning or controlling the Gourmet Food trucks in Los Angeles or Orange County.  Isn't that what the Health Department has to do?

A Gourmet Food truck is no different than the hot dog carts you see in front of City Hall or on the street corners.  They qualified for a permit, and they are not intimidating anyone into buying their food.  These trucks are also no different than the catering trucks you see parked at construction sites.  Well, there is a difference, the quality of a Gourmet truck is far superior. Its the same restaurant quality as a 4 star hotel, but a fraction of the price.

Perhaps that is the reason the politicians are stepping in?  They are being bullied by the restaurants that the Gourmet Trucks are taking away from their business?.... Seriously??? Any decent restaurant would not feel a "truck" would take away from their business.  If the food and quality were good, people will continue to patronize a restaurant, and no food truck (no matter how gourmet) will attract or lure customers away from them.

The Gourmet Trucks are now getting a reputation that they ARE as good as a restaurant, and more people are realizing that a Gourmet Truck is not a fad.  You can see from the long lines that people are willing to wait up to an hour for "truck" food because the food is fresh, is cooked to order, and it is affordable.

Politicians should support what the people want... and that should make the Gourmet Truck situation a "win-win".  

As a registered voter and a government employee, I hope that my voice is heard to "Save the Gourmet Trucks".

Respectfully yours,
Michelle from Anaheim
Twitter @callmemochelle

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