Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Take a look at how simple yet powerful a letter/email to your elected officials can be. One letter, it starts the ball rolling. Use this short but effective "win win" as a template or example for your letter/email to your local politicians.

Politicians are at your mercy to keep their jobs,  like all of us, they need to work to provide for their families. They need to support what the people want, and what is good for the city.

To the honorable Council of Fullerton,

I am a long time resident of Fullerton, who votes and pays my taxes. In addition, I am a government employee so I understand why we have rules and policies to follow in a city.

I recently learned that our wonderful City has imposed a 10 pm curfew for Gourmet Trucks.

You allow bars to stay open until the late hours, and these bars promote drinking (which promotes disorderly conduct).  In addition, you allow tattoo parlors to stay open late. While I have nothing against tattoos, I do feel that they attract a non family oriented clientele more than a Gourmet truck would.

Gourmet trucks are affordable.  I feel that this encourages families to come out after an evening at the movies or after a high school football game and still stay in Fullerton.

Could Gourmet Trucks be allowed to stay late on weekends?  Can the trucks promote themselves perhaps in a certain part of Fullerton, away from the downtown area?  Maybe near the Lemon/ Orangethorpe area, near the Fullerton College or by North Justice Center?

I'd like to see Fullerton embrace the Gourmet trucks, not hinder them.
Thank you very much for your attention to this.

Respectfully yours,

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