Sunday, September 5, 2010

Building a Gourmet Food Truck "From Shell to Sell"

Recently I was lucky enough to spend some time at Wyss Catering Truck Manufacturing. One of the companies that has found a new group of customers. These customers are gourmet chefs, new culinary school graduates and entrepreneurs wanting to share their passion for foods of all kinds.

The featured truck is owned and operated by Claudia of Chunk-n-Chip. She was nice enough to let us photograph the truck being built and painted prior to the official launch August 28, 2010. The truck launched at the first OC Foodie Fest. The event was held at the Honda Center Anaheim, CA.

The Chunk-n-Chip Boo-Yah Truck is available for special events, festivals, catering and private events.

The truck was custom painted by Tike Jay One a local artist in Los Angeles, CA. Web Site

If your interested in building a truck of your own send me an email and we can certainly help.

Original article was posted on and written by Dan @GourmetFoodTrk

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